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Goalque has just released v1.0.0. This is an incredibly useful tool to provide a functioning eGPU in macOS on “nearly every Mac model, thanks to feedback from eGPU community”. 

The tool’s features are summarized below. For full instructions, visit Goalque’s comprehensive post in our Mac Setup forum.


General instructions

1) Download the script on your desktop:

curl -o ~/Desktop/ 

2) chmod +x ~/Desktop/

3) cd ~/Desktop

4) sudo ./



What’s new in 1.0.0

A new method for rebuilding cache files

AMD Polaris and Fiji support (limited CUs)
    -skip-agdc option
    -skipdriver renamed to -skip-web-driver
    Removed secondary data scraping methods
    New licensing:

This script automates Nvidia and AMD eGPU setup on OS X with:   

    Native AMD support
    Detects your OS X product version and build version
    Automatic Nvidia web driver download and installation
    Automatic IOPCITunnelCompatible mods + Nvidia web driver mod
    Detects Thunderbolt connection
    Detects your Mac board-id and enables eGPU screen output
    Background services
    Automatic backups with rsync and uninstalling
    Detects GPU name by scraping device id from
    OpenCL benchmarking


April 2017 Update

In the first week of April, 2017, both Apple and Nvidia made big announcement in regards to the future of the Mac platform. Apple recognized its mistake with the Late 2013 Mac Pro. It vowed to completely redesign its next Mac Pro to make up with the creative professionals. Within two days, Nvidia announced  Pascal drivers for macOS. This introduced a whole host of GTX 10 series graphics cards for Mac computers.

The good news is this installation script still works great with Nvidia Pascal cards. We’ve tried GTX 1050 Ti, GTX 1060, GTX 1070, and GTX 1080 Ti with great success. One bad news with AMD cards however. Apple made changes to 10.12.4 which somehow broke AMD eGPU through Thunderbolt 3 connection. This means the Late 2016 MacBook Pro is currently not able to use any AMD GPU through Thunderbolt 3 external enclosures. We are figuring out a fix. 

Example implementations using for installation

Below are benchmark scores on a Late 2016 13″ MacBook Pro comparing eGPU Radeon RX 480 Nitro+ vs. iGPU Intel Iris 550 courtesy of ikir.





Here’s a video showing the successful use of this tool to get a working eGPU under macOS  courtesy of theitsage:


Further enquiries?

Inquire about your eGPU build or share your successful implementation with v1.0.0 in the Mac Setup forum.

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