Nvidia GTX10xx error 43 fix on non-hotplug mPCIe/NGFF/M.2 eGPU interfaces

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In the world of non-hotplug mPCIe/NGFF/M.2 interface eGPUs, a fix for error 43 when using Nvidia GTX 10 series cards is BIG news. This error 43 first surfacing in Sep-21-2016, when the NVidia 372.90 driver was released. Almost 1 year later, our forum member GynTh0r posting a 3-step remedy for error 43 on such eGPUs:

► FIXED! Nvidia GTX1050Ti error 43 on mPCIe or M.2 non-hotplug eGPU interfaces // applicable to GTX10xx by GynTh0r

A brief background.  It was found that Nvidia 372.90 driver introduced interface hotplug bit checking with check-failed interfaces seeing an error 43 against the eGPU:

error 43 fix for Nvidia GTX 10XX eGPU


This jeopardized eGPU usage on non-hotplug bit enabled mPCIe and NGFF/M.2 interfaces. One of those interfaces being on virtually all notebooks used to host the WLAN card but can rather conveniently be re-purposed for eGPU use. A budget way of getting gaming graphics on your notebook starting for as little as US$7 for eGPU adapter from the Buyer’s Guide.

Particularly affected was the great performance-cost ratio and low power consumption GTX1050xx cards. They were released after the 372.70 driver, so use of that older driver as a workaround was not an option.

The good news is the combined investigative efforts of  forum members GynTh0r, inxftw IgorGIV and shoes has resulted in a proven software fix for error 43 when using Nvidia GTX10xx cards attached to these non-hotplug enabled interfaces by way of the 368.81 driver.

Once again, please see ► FIXED! Nvidia GTX1050Ti error 43 on mPCIe or M.2 non-hotplug eGPU interfaces // applicable to GTX10xx by GynTh0r for the fix as well as post any comments and feedback in that same topic.



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