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RX 580 is fully supported RX Vega is not, many issues (AA, A... 11 hours  ago
Well done AMD! 22 hours  ago
Posted by: goalque They are aware of your feedback and wo... 1 day  ago
Posted by: acantril I wonder if im hitting limits with th... 1 day  ago
Sadly I really dislike the design, a green warrior with an h... 2 days  ago
Posted by: raybanner Posted by: ikir Thunder 3 is not ... 2 days  ago
Thunder 3 is not supported, have you installed the hack to e... 2 days  ago
It works ok with Radeon RX 580 and Vega 56 2 days  ago
Posted by: goalque Posted by: ikir in Italy you paid 2... 3 days  ago
in Italy you paid 22% import taxes, custom duty and also tax... 3 days  ago
Speaking of macOS: Calculation like OpenCL and Metal works, ... 4 days  ago
Firmware updated! Next thing is to ask intel a native macOS ... 4 days  ago
GM is out, I've tested just Valley and gfx distortion with A... 4 days  ago
Testing now with Radeon RX Vega 56. Still issue with OpenGL ... 4 days  ago
I have Vega 56 since few days, while macOS still have Vega O... 5 days  ago
Posted by: theitsage Hi @mac.extension, Apple blocks eGPU... 1 week  ago
I can confirm Vega 56 work s on with Valley and Heaven if AA... 1 week  ago
Posted by: cvfunstuff Not very pleased with the graphics ... 1 week  ago
Usually insufficient power freeze the os. 1 week  ago
@Leoben thanks mate, keep us updated each other! 1 week  ago
@wimpzilla Valley is OpenGL, AMD macOS drivers shines on Me... 1 week  ago
This is huge indeed. BTW these PCI blade SSD were proprieta... 1 week  ago
I will receive my RX Vega 56 in few days! So I can help if n... 2 weeks  ago
Akitio Node e Mantiz Venus fianco a fianco   Buona vis... 2 weeks  ago
Want to see Mantiz Venus and Akitio Node side by side? Ah... 2 weeks  ago
Wow. Can you confirm issue on macOS current beta? Is Anti al... 2 weeks  ago
Interesting! 2 weeks  ago
For Italian users we have Mantiz Venus in stock at www.egpu.... 2 weeks  ago
Posted by: BMW2017 I'm excited for my setup... Hopefully ... 2 weeks  ago
Ordered Vega 56 with this heavy discount! Nice, thanks 2 weeks  ago
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