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Why some MacBook Pro -3” 2017 didn’t have large memory?1 day  ago
Tried today without luck probably because i’m On bootcamp. ...1 day  ago
Radeon RX 580 is a better choice. Fully supported, very fast...5 days  ago
Posted by: Digicase Is fan control for an eGPU based on t...5 days  ago
Posted by: dejaiPosted by: ikirPosted by: dejai ...5 days  ago
Posted by: dejaiPosted by: QuietPowerPosted by: ik...5 days  ago
Posted by: QuietPower If you are running the HS betas and...5 days  ago
10.13.2 will be probably out in 1-2 weeks but I suppose Vega...1 week  ago
public beta 3 is out, still fans at max speed1 week  ago
Are you using external monitor connected to eGPU? This way y...1 week  ago
correct link for PUS:/p> Any photos?1 week  ago
Cinebench Update: Now with second beta 89,18fps 2 weeks  ago
Posted by: Mattlechops I had the cursor stuck issue too o...2 weeks  ago
Powerful PSU is needed also for power delivery. BTW love THO...2 weeks  ago
Are you using an external display? Have you choose eGPU disp...2 weeks  ago
Posted by: Sky11Posted by: ikir Only with Vega...2 weeks  ago
Posted by: Sky11Posted by: ikir Only with Vega...3 weeks  ago
Posted by: Sky11Posted by: ikir Hi guys! I'm super ha...3 weeks  ago
Tested with some games and apps, it runs much more better an...3 weeks  ago
Valley extreme HD preset: 52.8fps Update: Now with second b...3 weeks  ago
macOS High Sierra 10.13.2 beta and Radeon RX Vega: finally!!...3 weeks  ago
Any news about this project?3 weeks  ago
Official support on macOS is with AMD which is super strong ...3 weeks  ago
installed new 10.13.1 public beta, no chances for RX Vega: a...1 month  ago
Vega drivers are not ready yet. They will be High Sierra onl...1 month  ago
Guys it is super nice to see this interest but these questio...1 month  ago
Sorry I didn’t make the video, busy months. i’ve installed ...1 month  ago
New beta1 month  ago
It is just too early, eGPU concept  and VR is too new for Ma...1 month  ago
My RX Vega 56 is working great inside Mantiz Venus, naturall...1 month  ago
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