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Posted by: gburns53 Unfortunately I'm unable to get my Sp... 22 hours  ago
@RimsOnAToaster, the legs can be removed so that the box sit... 23 hours  ago
The mood light module is mounted at the top near the front f... 1 day  ago
The drivers for RX Vega in macOS is no where ready. In Windo... 1 day  ago
I agree with @Leoben. Undervolting the RX Vega makes it perf... 1 day  ago
Nvidia usually releases new web drivers when the final build... 1 day  ago
[Unboxing] OMEN by HP Accelerator Thunderbolt 3 eGPU Enclosu... 1 day  ago
Very good to see nice improvement with undervolting. Keep in... 2 days  ago
I have always used DDU to remove the default drivers in Wind... 3 days  ago
It sounds like you may need to do a power reset. Here's a pr... 3 days  ago
late-2016 15" MacBook Pro RP450 + RX580@32Gbps-TB3 (HP OMEN ... 3 days  ago
I'm running Crimson drivers 17.9.1 (latest version) on my la... 4 days  ago
Hey, you finally found a good use for the Touch Bar! :D 4 days  ago
@Aindriú Mac Giolla Eoin, the AORUS Gaming Box comes with a ... 4 days  ago
New BIOS 1.4.0 is available. Please give it a shot and see i... 4 days  ago
@d4rkz3r0 The display flickering issue is present on the lat... 4 days  ago
This same Thunderbolt 3 firmware flashing procedure is confi... 4 days  ago
Apple disabled the iGPU on all iMacs if they have a dGPU. ap... 4 days  ago
@Tom Morter-Laing, please write a response in this petition ... 4 days  ago
@Tom Morter-Laing, Apple disabled the iGPU in the iMac. Ther... 4 days  ago
@Wunair, also keep in mind AMD eGPUs seem to require more re... 4 days  ago
This is a very good sign eGPU enclosures are getting more af... 4 days  ago
@cvfunstuff, drivers for RX Vega in High Sierra is no where ... 5 days  ago
Flashing a Thunderbolt 3 eGPU firmware requires a couple of ... 5 days  ago
@joebain. Thank you for posting the screen capture. Sorry to... 5 days  ago
As @Sky11 has detailed a list of additional information we w... 5 days  ago
Welcome aboard @joevt and impressive first post. I have been... 5 days  ago
This is only useful for Mac Pro tower owners. There's absolu... 5 days  ago
@everyone Please take screen captures of CUDA-Z for Nvidia e... 5 days  ago
I read the link and I'm not convinced the T470 has 4 lanes f... 5 days  ago
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