16“ 2019 MacBook Pro + Razer Core + gtx 1060 + bootcamp
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16“ 2019 MacBook Pro + Razer Core + gtx 1060 + bootcamp  


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hello there, 

I‘ve set um everthing and in the device Manager both gpus are showing up.  Also the internal and a Monitor are working propertly.
Even the Nvidia Software says that some programms are running on the gtx. 
But when im starting the division, for example, the fps are not over 2 fps. By low Settings But the Resolution of the internal Display. 

So i think the the acceleration for the internal isn‘t working. 

Did somebody have any advice for me? 

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@the_lamer, In order to use internal display acceleration, you need to use Windows Graphics settings to assign the GTX 1060 as High Performance GPU. This setting is per app/game so make sure to select the right .EXE for the eGPU to work.

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