16 inch MacBook Pro + Sonnet Breakaway Box 650 + Titan RTX success
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16 inch MacBook Pro + Sonnet Breakaway Box 650 + Titan RTX success  


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Hello everyone, I just wanted to post about the success and quirks I've had with this setup. My MacBook Pro is running a clean install of the latest version of Windows 10 with all the updates, i.e. 21H1 build 19043.1165, along with the latest Bootcamp drivers.

The method I used to get this working was pretty simple. Once I had Windows fully updated and the normal Bootcamp drivers installed (all of which required a couple of reboots in-between), I downloaded the latest Nvidia drivers, plugged the thunderbolt cable into the Mac, and ran the driver installer. It installed successfully, after which I shut down the Mac. Then I unplugged the thunderbolt cable from the mac and plugged it into my Brydge vertical dock. I've also got the vertical dock plugged into my monitor's USB hub.

Now for the ceremony to get things to run. I turn on the Mac and let it boot to the Windows login screen. Then I close the lid and insert the Mac into the dock. Now half the time when I do this I hear the fans on the Titan RTX spin up full speed momentarily, before slowing down. This indicates that everything is working fine and within about 30 seconds my monitor will light up and everything is working fine. The other half of the time the fans on the Titan RTX never slow down and the display will not light up no matter how long I leave it. So when I notice the fans on the Titan RTX did not slow down quickly, I simply pull the Mac out of the dock and reseat it. Usually this works right away but once I had to reseat it again. I guess my vertical dock is a bit finicky. Also I don't think restarting works, so I have to shutdown then pull the laptop out of the dock and repeat the ceremony.

Performance is in line with expectations, it works pretty well for a temporary gaming setup while my gaming tower is out of commission. I was surprised that I didn't run into issues using this windows build since I've read rumors that you must use version 1903 or something like that. I've been using this setup for about a week every day and it seems pretty reliable.

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Hi there.

To me it was a must to use version 1903 of windows, i have MBP 16 and 3080 ti gaming box.

I tried the latest version and stuck with error 12, no matter what resources i disabled i can’t run my eGPU, so i have to clean install this old version, and the moment i update it my eGPU will not work.

I hope there is a fix in the future that i can try with the newest update of windows without using efi and that workaround measures.


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@pythonwiz, pls consider submitting a build guide if would like your info to appear in the builds section.

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