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16 inch macbook with EGPU?  


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I own a 16 inch MBP i9 and wanted to get an eGPU and so I could sell off my desktop. I was thinking of getting the core x chroma and a 5700 XT. According to Apple's website, it should work, but I do have a few questions.

1. Can I hot-plug/unplug it? Can I also just boot up the computer with it plugged in?

2. Does the above also work in BootCamp (for gaming)

Don't really care about noise or anything else as long its plug and play. Also, are there any rumors of a new eGPU coming out from razer or am I safe to buy it now?



To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.


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It’s safe to buy that combo. It will work well in Mac OS.

Windows will throw a bunch of obstacles in your path.

Here is an example build of the 16” MBP + 5700 XT.

You can also find other builds which include the Razer core x chroma.

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