'17 15'' MacBook Pro, Windows 10 bootcamp, Akitio Node + 1070
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'17 15'' MacBook Pro, Windows 10 bootcamp, Akitio Node + 1070  


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If I pull the trigger on ordering a Node + 1070 (probably from Amazon so I can return them if this doesn't work) this week, what do I have to know to get this to work? 

Will it work out of the box? Will I need to play some tricks? I'm not worried about Mac OS functionality yet, simply getting Windows 10 to work and support games like Assetto Corsa. 

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The 2017 MBPs were just announced and so there are no implementation guides for them. It's likely the 2016 15-inch MBP guides are very similar so consider browsing them to see what's involved to get it all going:

https://egpu.io/external-gpu-implementations-table/?table_filter ="Macbook 15-in -TB3 Win"


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