2016 15" MBPr Windows boot "stuck"
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2016 15" MBPr Windows boot "stuck"  


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First of I am using the 2016 15" MacBook Pro (entry level) with the GTX 1070 Aorus Gaming box.
After installing Windows 10 through bootcamp and setting it up with this tutorial  https://egpu.io/bootcamp-setup-guide-tb3-macbook-pro/. Everything was perfect. Then I was out of town for a week and when I came back I couldn`t boot into Windows. I thought i fucked up something so i reinstalled Windows and it worked just fine again. Up until the point when i boot from OS X back to Windows (with rEFInd and the apple_set_os.efi ofc) the loading screen just get Stuck. When this happened for the first time i did get the output from the Graphics card to the external monitor but for some reason the card was being utilized on 100% all the time. So i decided to reinstall yet again. It was all perfect again but then when i booted to OS X, I couldn't boot back to Windows. But this time i cannot see the output on the external screen. I can hear the Windows sounds when upluging USB and stuff but cannot see anything on screen (Nor internal or external).
Is there something i have done wrong? I need to use the OS X for Swift programming and the Windows for occasional gaming.

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