2016 15" mbp+razer core+2080 gtx made a mess, need help
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2016 15" mbp+razer core+2080 gtx made a mess, need help  


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Hey guys, new here and would really appreciate some help. After 10 years of non-playing any games, last week I decided to get back to business. but sadly can'y get this thing to work.

1. I followed the guide, got to the point that I put bat file to internal and disable the pci slots, but the device manager was showing only 1 inter 530 device, so I decided to restart, but forgot to reenable the pci slots, so my mac started hanging. 
2. I decided to reinstall the windows, but now it hangs and restarts on "Starting the setup" part. Any ideas on how to solve this? I am guessing this happened because I did not re-enable the pci? 


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