[GUIDE] MacBook Pro: solving eGPU error 12 in Windows 10
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[Solved] [GUIDE] MacBook Pro: solving eGPU error 12 in Windows 10  

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I’ve been looking at so many tutorials but none of them seem to really work. I read an article on how to get Boot Camp working with automate-eGPU EFI. I’ve got the iGPU enabled and I switched to it, but now what? I think the article was talking about disabling PCI lanes but it didn’t say anything about how to do it. I tried to simply just disable the dGPU but to no surprise, it does absolutely nothing. So, what do I need to do next to get the eGPU to work? 

EDIT: I've tried most of the things from this guide but the only thing that's left to try is DSDT override, but the tutorial for that seems to be out of date and I'm not sure would it be effective

This is the article I’m talking about: https://egpu.io/boot-camp-egpu-setup-guide/

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