2018 MacBook Pro w/ Bootcamp - How to make it work using internal display?
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2018 MacBook Pro w/ Bootcamp - How to make it work using internal display?  


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Hi all!

First of all I have to thank the community for this great website and source of information! I did some research the past weekend on this page, and given the success I saw with Nvidia and MacBook Pros running on Bootcamp I decided to go for a Razer Core X and RTX 2060 6G from MSI for my little gaming setup (Exact detail: 2018 15" MacBook Pro [8th,6C,H], dGPU Radeon RP55X w/ Razer Core X and MSI RTX 2060 6G).

It worked, as I read in several posts, simply by hot plugging the card to Windows and installing the latest Nvidia drivers. It also only works on the top right port, and nothing should be connected to any other TB3 port in order to not cause a crash. Anyways, the setup is nice and I haven't had a clear picture like this in ages on my external LCD.

Now one of the main reasons for me to go for this setup was that the MacBook is running hot almost immediately after starting some graphic intensive program/game. I don't want to fry my MacBook that early, since my old one lasted more than 8 years. Now however what I don't understand is, that the MacBook still runs hot when using the eGPU connected to the LCD via HDMI. Also I cannot make it run from the internal display, i.e., as soon as no HDMI cable is plugged into the graphics card, and only a TB cable is, I cannot successfully connect the eGPU to the MacBook running Bootcamp; upon hot plug, the system just freezes and no mouse cursor is visible anymore. Since sometimes I am using another computer on the LCD and the MacBook on the internal display, running the eGPU via TB3 and displaying on the internal display (although loss of BW) would be ideal. I don't want to fully deactivate the dGPU, but would love to do it if I can make it run smoothly on the internal display and the external LCD by simply plugging/unplugging the HDMI. 

Can anyone please help me and tell me if this would be feasible? What is the best approach here?

Thank you very much in advance for all your help!



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