3DMark says Hardware Monitoring Disabled But it’s Not
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3DMark says Hardware Monitoring Disabled But it’s Not  


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I’m having trouble having my results be verified on 3DMark due to a message that says ‘Hardware monitoring was disabled’ when I upload the result. I have Hardware monitoring checked/enabled in the 3DMark settings, and have downloaded the latest versions of 3DMark and SystemInfo. I’m wondering if anyone else has had this problem and if it’s related to either the eGPU or Bootcamp? I’m running a 3090 in Mantiz Saturn Pro 2 on a 16” MBP with dGPU 5600m, intel i9 9980hk. Any ideas? Thanks!

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@bmagnien, You may need to wait for a newer 3DMark update. I recall encountering something similar with new hardware.


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