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[MacBook Pro 15” 2016 - RP460 dGPU - Razer Core X - Vega 64] Huge setup issue  


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Hello there! I got my eGPU setup going today. I set everything up but have been having a lot of issues. 

Mac OS wise, everything has been working perfectly. However, Boot Camp has been causing issues. 

Initially, I had my old windows 10 installation going and set everything up with that. I’ve been using hotplugging method. Every single time, after the windows logo, the screen would go black and no signal would be sent to my external monitor through the eGPU. This would happen WITHOUT the eGPU connection as well. I tried a few ways to fix this. I used DDU to uninstall all the drivers and reinstall them. Initially, it seemed to work fine but, then, after installing the drivers for vega 64, the screen went black and no signal was sending to the monitor. I restarted and such - no use. I removed the eGPU and tried again - still the black screen but keyboard lit up and the touchbar was working. 

Then, I erased everything and just downloaded a clean install of windows. Set everything up, then plugged the eGPU in. Initially, it was fine - but the drivers weren’t downloaded yet. The moment that finalized, Windows went to black screen and everything was the way it was before. I erased that as well and am planning on restarting again. I just thought I’d gather some opinions on what to do. I tried it with my friend’s laptop (a 2017 15” macbook pro, and it seemed to work with no issues without installing anything. I only had to hotplug the eGPU)

What am I doing wrong?


To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.


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I went through this exact dance today with my 2018 MacBook Pro 560X with the same egpu setup as you. I’m running Mojave and here’s what finally worked for me:

1) install windows as normal with bootcamp drivers, no egpu or external monitors attached.
2) go to device manager, display adapters, and uninstall the macbook’s dgpu driver (in my case the 560X)
3) plug in the egpu (I read recommendations to use the right side thunderbolt 3 port) with an external monitor attached. It’ll install its drivers without the dreaded black screen problem. 

the external display will be accelerated by the egpu and the internal MacBook display will still be functional but not accelerated by the gpu and instead just running generic drivers

Main downside for me is it’s an either/or situation with the 560X and Vega 64, which is a shame because the 560X is surprisingly no slouch in windows and I would have appreciated combining both gpus for OpenCL stuff like blender cycles rendering.

MacBook Pro 2018 560X dgpu + Razer Core x + Vega 64, macOS Mojave + windows 10

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I have the same setup as you. I am using the latest windows version which allows for acceleration of the internal display using the dGPU. I will update this more when I am near a proper keyboard but in short,

1) fresh bootcamp install
2) use DUU to remove 460 driver
3) disable x8 PCIe branch
4) restart
5) plug in egpu on right side
6) install amd drivers
7) restart and play.

ps I’m running Mohave so I don’t know if that effects the bootcamp drivers that are installed. Also the left side usb controller still seems to work even with the PCIe disabled.

MacBook Pro 2016 460 dGPU + Razer Core X + Vega 64, macOS Mojave + windows 10