Best TBT3 hub for bootcamp+eGPU?
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Best TBT3 hub for bootcamp+eGPU?  


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Hey community,

So I'm in need of a USB-C hub for my 2017 15" Macbook Pro. Currently, I have a non-externally powered USBC hub with 3USB-A, 1 Ethernet, and 1 USB-C port.  I'm looking for a Thunderbolt USB-C doc that won't screw up my PCIe resources, or at the very least a great USB 3.0 USB-C hub for my mouse, SSD, and keyboard.

Any suggestions?

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If it's a thunderbolt dock depending on your setup, it may affect resources. Will you be running the dock and eGPU in a chain?

I use the Caldigit TS3+ on the right side with my eGPU on the right side of my MBP without any problems as long as the dock is cold-plugged.

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