Black screens when booting into windows 10 (mid 2015 with r9m370x)
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Black screens when booting into windows 10 (mid 2015 with r9m370x)  


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Hello, I have succeeded in getting my msi rx580 in sonnet 550 breakaway box working in Catalina. However, I kept falling getting it to work in Bootcamped windows. Whenever I tried to hotplug the box, it would recognize that as a VGA connection, and then the screen would always turn black a minute after that. After that, whenever I booted into windows there would just be a black screen waiting for me:(  and if I kept pressing the volume button it would  give the bubble sound after it finished booting (I suppose).  Every time I had to destroy this partition and bootcamp windows again to make the screen work.

I tried the boot from efi method which should dedicated to solving this issue:

However, here is something that went wrong: There was no "run as administrator " option when I right licked the integrated.bat file, but just an "open" option to run, and the command prompt showed up and one line said that this thing is executed and the other line said it was paused. I thought it was normal and reboot my system with my structured usb and egup plugged in. After booting into windows the inner screen turned black again but then lighted up for a second together with the exterior screen. 

And everything went back to where I started.  

For windows 10 version, it's 10.0.18362 Build 18362

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