Bootcamp with Blackmagic eGPU experience and review
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Bootcamp with Blackmagic eGPU experience and review  


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Hi, I wish to share my experience on how to BC the MBP with the MagicBlack setup guide. 

First, My build is: 

2018 MBP 13, 512SSD, 8G Ram. 

MagicBlack eGpu 580.

No External Display uses!!! I only use the internal monitor to do the accelerate!


I have got my MB on Sunday, which I have just plug and play on Mac os just fine without any work needs to do, but after the first night playing with LOL, I wish to play OW, which only way is to do the Bootcamp on mac os to play. 

Anyhow, I noticed that on the MB description and Apple says, that the MB could not work on the environment in recovery mode or Bootcamp, so I research and read the instruction with tried but that one fails to me. 

I have workout the easy way that works on my environment but might give you a little help with builds in 13" MBP with MB. 


  1. BC install, Windows 10, update any firmware and safe package from Microsoft. 
  2. Enroll the Win10 into Insider program.
  3. DDU the driver. 
  4. Disable the FaceTime camera in device manager.
  5. Download the AMD driver from , install the driver in the device manager. For me, I just download and install the latest one.
  6. Reboot the system into Windows again, Do not try HotPlug your device. The eGpu could only work when you plug during the Windows load screen.
  7. Download any games that you wish to play, and it's been set!



The most convenient way that I have found in my environment of build, no need for any e-monitor or complex build guide. HotPlug in Mac condition just fine with no issues, but every time you wish to shut down or start Win, do not HotPlug, otherwise it will cause a system crash. 

I have tried in MAC OS LOL in all high setting and FPS been lock on 60fps, perfect to play, but in noticed that the MAC OS be more impact and depends on cooling, long-time playing might have a bit fps drop, but its smooth to play. (Suggest to get the app called TG PRO, it can adjust the fan setting on your own, no by the Apple default).

Bootcamp also ready to uses, test my OW with the max setting with 60fps, 2560*1600, 16:10. Never drop an fps at any sec, I feel the Windows does bit more optimization than the Mac does. Cooling is so great with that the MB eGpu, quite but powerful enough to play. 

The only issue I have found in Win, which is the sound. When you plug and play with eGpu, the speaker didn't work as it should be but work with any external output sources, e.g. Headphone, Speakers.



My experience of building is based on the following guides with my own experience of set-up, it was a bit different than the others but works fine.

So far so good, the issue of no sound with the system in Win10 been solved by reboot, I don't get how, but its been automatic resolved by the system. It's very likely that notice anybody wishes to purchase that the MB eGpu to uses on a similar purpose as I did, I would say that the only drawback of this device is that the Apple price bit too high. But at the same, Apple make things easier to uses in Mac OS. In future suggestion, I would say just don't get too far with Nvidia, rather than uses the AMD cards with Apple support driver, if you wish to use on the Mac OS, AMD will of course save you bit time and things need to be a workout on the system. 

Finally, for me, it's a sweet time to enjoy play on my favorite games on the right platform!

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MBP 13" 2018, 8G RAM, 512SSD. - MagicBlack 580" - No-External Monitor

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