Constant BSOD w/ different error codes - Win10 + MB Pro 15" L2017+ Sonnet Breaka...
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Constant BSOD w/ different error codes - Win10 + MB Pro 15" L2017+ Sonnet Breakaway Box 550 + ASUS GeForce 1080 Ti  


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Hey guys,

I've ran my setup as posted in the title for about 2 years or close to it without any issues. Recently two major changes happened that seems to have completely broke my windows setup (details on my exact setup at the end of the post).

1) I ran out of space on my windows partition and wanted to try the new CoD MW, so I used Minitool Partition Wizard to extend my win10 partition from 300GB to 680GB. The process didn't produce any errors and everything went as expected. Thought this was worth noting.
2) windows ignored all my attempts of blocking auto updates in the past and went ahead and updated my build to the latest 1909. As well as updating my NVIDIA drivers to the latest.

After those two major changes everything simply went to shit. No matter what I tried doing, if it required a heavy use (or even a light use) of the 1080 Ti, I'd just get a BSOD, every time with different error codes. I tried to downgrade Windows 10 and was successful, and then NVIDIA drivers by uninstalling them with DDU and then installing an older driver like the one I was on. This did not help in any way. Still crashing for the silliest things (like Rocket League which is not very demanding on a 1080 Ti).

Eventually I completely gave up on salvaging my Bootcamp partition and undid it all with bootcamp assistant on the mac side. Since then I've gone ahead and done 4 different bootcamp attempts (Win 10 builds - 1803, 1809, 1809Oct, 1909) with absolutely zero luck. Windows installs fine every time, recognizes the eGPU fine, installs the drivers fine, but then download any game and try to run it? BSOD. I've ran this same setup for 2 years without any problems, I don't understand what could possibly be going on now that this is happening. I rely on windows for 3D designing which is how I make half of my income so getting this back to a working state is crucial to me. If anyone has any ideas, suggestions, or questions pleaseeeee feel free to post them. I'm at a loss here.

Macbook Pro 15" - Late 2017 (w/ TouchBar)
HD - 2TB SSD (APPLE SSD SM2048L Media)
CPU - 3.1 GHz Intel Core i7
RAM - 16GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3
iGPU - Intel HD Graphics 630 1536 MB
dGPU - Radeon PRo 560
eGPU - ASUS GeForce 1080 Ti w/ Sonnet Breakaway Box 550
macOS - Mojave 10.14.6
Win 10 - Build 1909 (Prior to forced update it was Build 1803)

To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.