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Disable Turbo Boost  


Lee Davies
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I am a complete noob to eGPU's and my Razer Core-X arrived today and I tested it using my low-end NVidia GT 1030 from my PC arcade build.

I maxed everything out on Tekken 7 to 3440x1440 with Ultra settings and to no suprise got a lousy frame rate of just 24fps. The best this card can do with Tekken 7 is 1280x1024 / Ultra / 60fps.

However at max res and settings to my suprise the CPU usage was super low at 9% with a CPU temp of 61 degrees. I disabled Turbo Boost so kept it at the core frequency of 2.60Ghz.  Its a 2018 15-inch rMBP i7-8850H with dGPU via Bootcamp.

Would I be able to get away with disabling turbo boost in more demanding games with for example a GPU such as a RTX 2070 Super? Would really like to avoid those fans from spinning up to 6000rpm. With turbo boost enabled, watching 1440p YouTube video will max out those fans on the dGPU.  With Turbo Boost disabled the fan speed was kept below 2500rpm.

Also the installation was a breeze and practically plug and play. I expected more hassle. I will be upgrading the GPU shortly and might just stick with Nvidia cards as I wont be using it in MacOs.

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15" rMBP i7-8850H - Bootcamp W10 2004 - Razer Core X - GTX 1660 Super