Display Ratio Resolution Problem in Bootcamp + EGPU
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Display Ratio Resolution Problem in Bootcamp + EGPU  


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Rocking the rx 5700 XT with razer core x and MacBook pro 2013.
Actually installed it all fully functioning with amd 20.1.3 Drivers, ran DDU to remove the INTEL Drivers, everything works. EXCEPT.

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My display is at 300% recommended and a resolution that far exceeds my macbooks capabilities. Uninstalling the display driver didn't work... 
and putting it on 100% makes it extremely laggy in games and defeats the whole purpose of running an egpu. Personally about to just get a Nvidia graphics card because this headache is not  worth it . Just when I thought I got the egpu working in bootcamp too.... 

2019 MacBook Pro 13"
Razer Core X Chroma
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@sudeepstacks, Is there no 2560 x 1600 option? Try using CRU to remove the 2880 x 1800 option so that only the 2560 x 1600 option remains?
macOS has an override to remove that resolution for 13 inch MacBooks Pros.

Can AMD control panel or whatever create scaled modes (because the MacBook Pro's display does not support arbitrary timings)? Do scaled modes perform better - i.e. the GPU can take less time to render smaller frame buffer?



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