Does upgrading MacOS affects eGPU setup on bootcamp?
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Does upgrading MacOS affects eGPU setup on bootcamp?  


Chao Quan Choo
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Hi guys, 


I'm wondering if I were to update my macOS to Catalina, will it affect all my configuration of my eGPU setup over on the Bootcamp side?

My current setup is:

MacBook Pro 15 2018 (High Sierra 10.13.6) >> Upgrading this to Catalina

Bootcamp Windows 10

Running on Razer Core X with GTX 1080ti



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@chao_quan_choo, It shouldn't affects your eGPU setup in Boot Camp. If you're using an EFI loader, you may only need to redo that step is all. There are some firmware compatibility between Macs and RTX cards. You have a GTX 1080 Ti which I have not seen any reports of this issue.


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Leandro Glossman
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My experience is that in some way it might as it also updates the Mac firmware.

I upgraded to Big Sur beta 4 and previous to that I couldn’t boot into bootcamp with my Egpu plugged in, it simply got stuck on the apple boot logo and now I seems to have been finally fixed. I noticed that the upgrade also updated the TB3 NVM firmware to v58 so it might fix some issues regarding TB inside Windows.

On the other hand after the upgrade I couldn’t boot my old Bootcamp installation that I had on an external drive. Can’t be 100% sure but I have the suspicion that it might be related.

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