Easy eGPU setup in Windows 2004 20H2 with Apple Bootcamp and AMD Navi cards (201...
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Easy eGPU setup in Windows 2004 20H2 with Apple Bootcamp and AMD Navi cards (2018 Mac Mini) easy easy  

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Welcome to today's special edition of the eGPU.io site.

Today of course being the day you prep for tomorrow's Black Friday 8am line at the nearest Microcenter retail store. 

Because, yes - tomorrow's your chance to secure the bag. An AMD 6600 XT at a not-so-completely-terrible-price.

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Wait, what? Do Navi 23-based eGPU setups even work in Bootcamp? Does anyone know?

Well let's just see. 

My Pre-Cyber-Monday-Sale-priced XFX 6600 XT dropped at my front door yesterday, so I swapped it into my Sonnet 650 BB for testing.

6600XT in BB 650


I booted into Windows 21H1 (with my eGPU powered off, and the Mini directly connected to my Display)

Win Ver


And downloaded the 6600 XT driver and Radeon Software from AMD

AMD driver page
AMD driver update


I ran the AMD software installer until it finished, and the expected "Oops" message appeared.

Installer Message


I closed the installer window, and Shut Down Windows from the Start menu.

I disconnected the HDMI cable between my Mini and my display. I connected the 6600 XT to my Display via DP cable.

I set the Sonnet BB power switch to ON. Then powered on the Mini.

I watched the Microsoft-curated photo of your next island getaway appear on my display for a second or two. Then the display went black - meaning error 12 had taken root

So, I powered off my Mini, and powered it back on again.

I repeated pressing the Mini's Off/On button until another Island photo reappeared and remained on my Display.

Each time I powered the Mini "On", I of course waited a couple minutes for Windows to boot up completely, before powering OFF. 

So, to TLDR, getting the 6600 XT running perfectly in Windows required restarting my Mini (5) times. 

That is a couple more on/off cycles than was needed before with a 5500 XT card, but relative to the kind of slogging Error 12 fosters on other Macs, it remains a very easy series of steps to accomplish.

Device Manager
Radeon software info


And there it is. 

Ta da!







2018 Mac Mini [8th,6C,B] + RX 6600 XT @ 32Gbps-TB3 (Sonnet Breakaway 650) + macOS 12.1 & Win10 21H1 [build link]  

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