eGPU Performance issue with specific game
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eGPU Performance issue with specific game  


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Hi everyone,

I've been running an eGPU setup with my 2016 MacBook Pro 15" and a ASRock Phantom Gaming X Vega 56 in a Razer Core X for a few months now. So far it ran everything I threw at it including COD Modern Warfare, Red Dead Redemption 2. However, it appears that I found it's nemesis now. Wreckfest is, no matter at what GPU Settings, apparently maxing out the GPU to 100% and doesn't get more than 20-30FPS with drops as low as 8 FPS.

However, throwing the GPU in an old now-office PC (i5 760, 16GB RAM, PCIe 2.0 x16) the game runs on Ultra Settings 60FPS. I fully understand that with the eGPU setup I'm supposed to expect a Performance impact, and judging by 3DMark scores I'm looking at 30% here (20000 vs 15000 Graphics Score in Firestrike). That doesn't seem warrant 60 vs 5-8 FPS (on Ultra Settings) to me to.

I followed the guide from @itsage here but I've since completely reinstalled Windows 1909 following this with the addition of replacing the pci.sys from 1903 to gain access to my internal RP460. That lead me to the discovery that the dGPU is running at 40-50FPS on the same settings the eGPU struggles at 15-25FPS. I tried reading up on Wreckfest specific issues as well as checking common issues in this forum, unfortunately with no result. I've also seen the video from @GamesOnMacBookPro in the Megathread which seems to confirm my issues.


As of right now I'm really out of ideas as I'm failing to see why only this one game is having such severe issues so I'm hoping for some input Smile

2016 MacBook Pro 15" (i7 6820HQ, Radeon Pro 460) + ASRock Vega 56 in Razer Core X

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It's been a long time but I think I know why... I have the same issue;
eGPU Razer Core X with Gigabyte Radeon RX560 : Anno 1800, Outer Wirlds, War Thunder, GTA5 work great at high settings, but Wreckfest gets 13FPS at minimum settings with 23 cars. it gets better when I reduce the number of cars or play online (illogical to me but probably the IA...) ... made me crazy. I searched a lot and found out this:

Wreckfest needs more than most other games a PCIe speed of "x8 3.0" minimum to work fine (
Thunderbolt 3 (which we use to connect our eGPU) allows a PCIe speed of "x4 3.0" maximum ... (
We are not talking about the slot here (all cards have x16 slots), but the "PCIe lane speed".

Indeed, I checked with the software GPU-Z and the "bus interface" can't go up to "x4 3.0" ingame, so it's probably the reason of our issue.

So we can't do anything except wait for Wreckfest optimization or improvement of Thunderbolt technology I guess!



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