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eGPU with bootcamp or not?  


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I currently have a 16'' MacBook Pro 2019 with an i9 processor and a Radeon Pro 5500M GPU and 16 GB of Ram. I would like to be able to play more video games in my downtime, but my MacBook doesn't offer the best support for gaming, even in Bootcamp. I was looking into getting an eGPU so I could play video games in Bootcamp better. But I have been looking around on this website and I see some people don't have luck using an eGPU with Bootcamp. I was thinking about getting an AMD Radeon RX Vega 56and a Razer Core X enclosure. But after seeing the issues people have had, on top of the uncertainty of BigSur, I have been considering just building a PC, but this is more expensive and I would like to avoid that option if possible. I am just not sure if I should spend a load of money on an eGPU if it won't work. If anyone could put in their opinion or input it would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you

To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.


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I have same machine as you, occasional gamer. Would love to play games from my time period when i was younger and before i switched to mac.

i was considering the egpu option with all in one HW that will work for osx and win.

with all the troubles ppls have with Radeon cards read here i decided that i will buy just some nvidia egpu just to play games.

the i started to think twice. for the same money of the egpu+keyboard etc i can have a new gaming laptop which is able to game decently in FHD....and i can use the gaming laptop to give to kids, wife etc so they dont mess with 3k mbp

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As long as you can get a copy of Windows 10 build 1903, you should be fine.  You’ll also need to disable Windows updates and make sure you install offline (no internet connection).


This guide isn’t an exact match, but the steps will pretty much be the same:


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