Feasibility of bootcamp Thunderbolt 3 egpu in bootcamp for new 16 inch MacBook p...
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Feasibility of bootcamp Thunderbolt 3 egpu in bootcamp for new 16 inch MacBook pro w/ dedicated GPU.  


Jack Conrad
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Considering the newest late 2019 16 inch MacBook pro to replace my aging mid 2015 15", are bootcamp egpus easier to accomplish now than they were before? I recall the process being complicated enough(especially through Thunderbolt 2) that I preferred building a PC from scratch at the time rather than trying to mess with it through bootcamp. The PC works for now but in college I doubt I'll have the room and I'd prefer not to melt my roommate as well. I have a Vega 56 card and would likely be using the Core X or Core X Chroma if I were to go the egpu route. Any advice or thoughts are much appreciated! 

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@jack_conrad My guess is the Boot Camp eGPU setup process on the 2019 16" MacBook Pro will be similar to 2018 & 2019 15" MacBook Pro. You can take a look at this build guide by @mac_editor (2018 15" MacBook Pro + Mantiz Venus + RX 5700 XT). I tried installing Windows 10 on the 2019 16" MacBook Pro through Boot Camp Assistant last night. Currently there are no drivers so we're yet to find out whether there are differences.

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