Having trouble with my eGPU on 13" 2019 4TB3 MBP
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Having trouble with my eGPU on 13" 2019 4TB3 MBP  


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Hey guys new member here! I've come to these forums a number of times in the past month for help and now I'm posting cause I can't find any specific answers to my issues going on here. I am also running Windows 10 18362.295 and my AMD graphics are version 20.8.3. I have installed the script (apple_set_os loader v0.5) that runs before loading Windows which tricks the system into letting me boot with my eGPU plugged in. However, whenever I try to load in using that script my eGPU does not show under device manager at all. So then I will disconnect and reconnect (hot plug) it, leaving me with the infamous and undesired Error 12. When setting up my system I made sure to disable all updates and even tried rolling back my device to version .30 but that still didn't completely resolve my issue. On the first boot, the eGPU was recognized after reverting the OS; but now it refuses to show itself in device manager no matter what I do. 

I have tried disabling Port #9, Port #3, and the iSight camera but still to no avail.

I have also tried another tip mentioned which suggested I have the eGPU plugged in on boot-up, but then disconnect after Windows begins loading, and reconnect once I am on the lock screen. However that just caused my device to freeze up and refuse to respond when I tried to unlock it. 

The strangest part of all of this is that sometimes it will work like immediately after I updated Windows to .295 and downgraded to .30. And also right after I installed the graphics software from AMD. But when I try to restart my laptop it will not work either because it won't show the eGPU as connected or because of Error 12 when I try to hot plug it. 

Ultimately I guess what I am asking is if anyone here might know a way to help me get the eGPU to be recognized in device manager when loading into Windows with@aa15032261 script or if there is a way that I can effectively hot plug my eGPU once Windows has loaded up. 

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide! And BIG THANKS for all the advice I've already been able to receive by simply browsing these forums!!

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Just FYI - there’s a report of the latest Windows 2004 build working without error 12 here:



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