Help Booting into Windows (via Bootcamp): MacBook Pro 15" with AMD R9 - 370MX mi...
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Help Booting into Windows (via Bootcamp): MacBook Pro 15" with AMD R9 - 370MX mid 2015 (MBP 11,5)  


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I've seen a lot of success with using my egpu on my MacBook Pro 15" with AMD R9 - 370MX, mid 2015 (MBP 11,5). I am using an Nvidia GTX 970 with a Razer Core X External Gpu Exclosure (with the proper adapters in place for a thunderbolt 2 connection). I am able to make this work by hot plugging in the EGPU on a fresh install of windows and sideloading the nvidia drivers over. This is before installing bootcamp drivers. Then with everything installed, I can't boot into windows with the EGPU connected, it will crash. But I can boot normally and then hotplug my EGPU in (while having it connected to a display, not from the mac's hdmi port, but from my gpu's) and make my secondary monitor my main display. This will activate the EGPU to work flawlessly and all of my apps are running with the Nvidia driver/gpu in mind.

But this is where I need help,
I've noticed a lot of people are capable of using their internal displays on MBP 13 inch using the IGPU. And there are a lot of forums online that show people how to activate there iGPU while running windows in 15 inch models with dgpus. I've done a lot of research and was wondering how I can activate my IGPU in windows and getting it to boot normally.

I've tried a lot of different methods that are posted online but windows has crashed every time I've tried booting. Everything stems from using the apple_set_os.efi. I've tried using it under Refind (by installing it on my mac and on usb) and setting it under ~/custom folder. It shows up, but crashes windows on boot. I've tried using apple_set_os.efi under /EFI/boot/bootx64.efi (renamed the file) from a flashdrive and creating an internal partition formated as MS-DOS(Fat). But it seems that windows does not boot successfully , it crashes. But I can boot into safe mode using the apple_set_os.efi with all of these different methods and it boots up and detects the iGPU. Is there anyway to boot this up normally? While in safemode,  I've tried  disabling the AMD Drivers and installing Intel Iris Pro Drivers 5200 and they installed in safemode, but windows refuses to boot up normally (using the modified bootloader file), it doesn't work with the EGPU plugged in as well. And with the IGPU drivers installed, safe mode does not detect the IGPU at all (after rebooting back into safemode).

Any ideas to make booting into windows using the apple_set_os.efi, to activate igpu, without going into safemode?
**Also, I don't just want to use to boot into windows to use my EGPU internal monitor. There are a lot of battery saving features that go along with this as well. 

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