Imac 2015 5k bootcamp eGPU Setup
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Imac 2015 5k bootcamp eGPU Setup  


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The hardware I am working with: 

-iMac 5k Late 2015

-Razer Core X 

-Vega 64 

-Thunderbolt 2 cable 

-Thuderbolt 2 to Thunderbolt 3 adapter  


-macos Mojave 10.14.5 

-Windows 1903

I have the eGPU working perfectly in Mac OS. I want to get the eGPU working in Bootcamp. Previously, to get the dGPU working I had to use DDU to uninstall the nonworking graphics card drivers and use to get the working drivers. I am only beginning to learn about all the pieces involved in getting an eGPU to work. When I boot into windows with the eGPU plugged in the screen starts to show the windows logo, then it it totally black. If I boot into windows THEN plug the eGPU in, it shows up with code 12. I have read a lot about solving that error, and it's either slightly above me or it's about a MacBook Pro guide. I need some help or pointers please.

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To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.


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Make sure you have latest modified Radeon drivers from and try these steps:

  • Hot-plug RX Vega 64 eGPU once Windows fully loads
  • Open Device Manager > Display and right-click to Uninstall GPU [don't check remove drivers box]
  • Restart iMac with RX Vega 64 eGPU connected

This procedure was found to work well with 2018 & 2019 15" MacBook Pro which is similar to the configuration of iMac 27". They both have Radeon dGPU in Boot Camp that drives the internal display. Uninstalling the eGPU in Device Manager basically delays the initiation of eGPU drivers so that the internal display can work with dGPU.

If that doesn't work you can try @goalque's automate-eGPU EFI boot loader so that the internal display doesn't freeze during boot up with eGPU connected.

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