Inconsistent cold plugging for 2016 MacBook Pro 15"
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Inconsistent cold plugging for 2016 MacBook Pro 15"  


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I recently set up My MacBook Pro (2016, 15", radeon 455 dgpu) with an rx580 in an Akitio node with bootcamp on an external ssd.  I have gotten it to boot with the eGPU functioning 3 times which required disabling the pci lanes for the left ports and the dGPU. The next times I went to boot into bootcamp I got a bootloop with the eGPU plugged in.  I tried using DDU and reinstalling drivers and booting using modified EFI and eventually I got it working again.  This happened another time and I kept reinstalling and changing settings till it worked again but I wasn't able to deduce a pattern.  Last night when I went to boot I got the boot loop again and so I tried doing some of the things I did previously but to no avail.  Now whenever I boot into windows with the eGPU plugged in I get error 12 despite the dGPU and right thunderbolt ports being disabled.  Any ideas on how to solve this and get it consistently booting?

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