Inconsistent eGPU detection and Errors
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Inconsistent eGPU detection and Errors  


Christian F
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Hello,  I'm trying to figure out why windows is inconsistent with my eGPU setup.  Sometimes when i reboot from OSX everything works, sometimes my GPU appears in the device manager but with error code 12,  and other times it is just absent from the device manager all together.  

Here is what i am running

Late 2017 MB Pro

Razer V1

AMD Rx 580

Windows 10 21h1 (Build 19041.985)

I used DDU, reinstalled my drivers and applied Hack flags 0x600 yesterday.  i also use automate-egpu efi to boot into windows.


This worked perfectly this morning, but now isn't.  Do i really need to downgrade to 1903?

2017 Macbook Pro - OSX Catalina & Windows 10
Razer Core V1 (RC21-00940)
Sapphire RTX 580