It seems like macOS Big Sur fixes error 12
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It seems like macOS Big Sur fixes error 12  


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Hello all,


Owner of a Mac Mini 2018 + Radeon 5700XT egpu. I have done pretty much anything in the past from installing older Win10 versions to swapping pci.sys to modifying EFI, do the port dance, etc.


I managed to get my Windows 10 to work with the eGPU in the past out of dumb luck. It would work for a couple of days and then it would break eventually at some point for no apparent reason (even unplugging and plugging a usb device would break it). So last June I gave up with boot camp.


Coming yesterday I booted into Win10 without the eGPU attached and updated to 2004 - 20221.1000. Then tried with the eGPU, same all. Black screen if booted with the eGPU attached, error 12 if hot plugging the eGPU after boot.


Then I went into macOS and update to beta 6 of Big Sur (this is what is get fetched by apple when you enroll your mac to public betas). I installed the macOS without the eGPU attached. After installation both macOS and Win10 would work with the eGPU plugged in before booting the machine up.


Then I update Big Sur to beta 8 (without) the eGPU and Windows keep working just fine.


I don't know whether I just struck the perfect combination of resource allocation once again or whether Big Sur actually fixes things egpu-wise. I am just letting you know guys.

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For me it stopped working after updating to Beta 7/8. Was working fine on Catalina and up to Beta 6. So there are definitely some changes going on.

I already wrote down the things I tried to fix it here.

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Anyone get their egpu working after installing Big Sur beta 8?  Mine was working on Catalina but stopped after I installed and immediately upgraded to the latest public beta of Big Sur.  All I get constantly are code 12s...

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How about Big Sur Beta 9?

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