Mac OS 10.14.5 Beta 4 - Mac Mini running Bootcamp wont work with GPU
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Mac OS 10.14.5 Beta 4 - Mac Mini running Bootcamp wont work with GPU  


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I apologize if this post is in the wrong place but I'm looking for some help after I tried the guides posted here.

My setup:
- Mac OS 10.14.5 Beta 4
- Mac Mini Late 2018
- AMD Radeon VII (red edition)
- Razer Core X Chroma

Screen Shot 2019 05 05 at 4.44.39 PM

As you can see the Radeon VII is working great in Mac OS! Thanks to 10.14.5 Beta 4! But not in bootcamp :((((

I've tried the updated guide here bootcamp guide, thank you @oliverb! But I'm unable to get past step 6. After the reboot the windows logo would appear on my connected display (mac mini hdmi) (eGPU was also connected here) but it would never show the spinner nor did it boot into the login screen. Roll


The only way for me to resolve that was to disconnect my eGPU, boot up with the mac mini hdmi only, and then try to connect the eGPU. Which results in the error 12 yet again in device manager. Cry

Image from iOS

Is there anyway past the error 12 on a mac mini using an AMD driver? Is so can anyone post steps to how to get past it? 





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@ryanthomas1217 Connect the display to the eGPU directly when you are in the stuck Windows logo state - when booting with the eGPU, the Intel GPU is disabled. So boot with the eGPU plugged in, but the display connected to the eGPU, and your setup should work. That bootcamp guide does not cover Intel-only macs. If you want the iGPU as well, refer to @itsage ‘s Mac mini guides.

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@ryanthomas1217 First of all you have to decide whether you want to keep the Intel iGPU activated in Windows so that monitor output through the Mac mini's HDMI port remains working (w/ eGPU connected at boot). It's a more involved set up process if that's what you have planned.

To simply get the Radeon VII eGPU working with your 2018 Mac mini in Boot Camp (monitor output through eGPU only), you can follow these steps:

  • Boot into Windows with external monitor connected to Mac mini HDMI port [without eGPU connected]
  • Run DDU to remove Radeon graphics drivers to clear up previous set up attempts [reboot as prompted]
  • Hot-plug the Core X Chroma + Radeon VII eGPU once Windows 10 fully loads up [any Thunderbolt 3 port]
  • Install latest Radeon Adrenalin graphics drivers but shut the computer down instead of "Restart Now" as prompted
  • Switch the HDMI cable from Mac mini to the Radeon VII eGPU then boot into Windows

You won't see the boot screen until Windows finishes loading drivers for the Radeon VII eGPU during login phase. If you don't see anything on the monitor after 5 minutes but know the computer is on, force shut it down. Boot it up again until you see Windows desktop. 

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