MacBook Pro 13" 2020 with RX 580 Gaming Box Error 12
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MacBook Pro 13" 2020 with RX 580 Gaming Box Error 12  


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Hello all, I hope that someone will be able to give me assistance.

I've been trying for a couple days now to get past error 12 with my RX 580 gaming box under Bootcamp on my new 2020 13" MBP.

I've tried the automate-eGPU script, as well as disabling unused thunderbolt ports, the FaceTime camera, and have still never been able to get a display output from the eGPU.

Whether it's a cold plug or hot plug, it stays on error 12. I've attached photos of device manager below.

Device manager photos:

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you!!


UPDATE: I followed @andygev35 's guide step by step for his MBP seen here and got it to work on Windows 1903. It required me to blow away my Windows partition but the end result is worth it, you just plug the eGPU in and cold boot and it works every single time, no EFI boot loaders. Internal screen works flawlessly too. I just hope Windows doesn't find a way to auto update and break everything!

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MBP 2020 13" Intel. i7, 32, 2tb. RX 580 Gaming Box. Stuck on error 12.

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I think you could see solution in below link, it work with my MacBook Pro 13" 2020 with 5700XT egpu:

MacBook Pro 13" 2020 + Win 10 1803 + 5700XT egpu

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