Macbook Pro 13 latest 2020 before ARM + EGPU + win later than 1903
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Macbook Pro 13 latest 2020 before ARM + EGPU + win later than 1903  


Larry Hong
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Hello everyone,

I've been reading for a while and I have some questions for you. I used to success with the windows 1803 edition, but I notice some game need to update the windows later than vision 1903, I'm not sure what the best solution would be. 

I have an AMD 5700XT egpu lying around.
The Mac is the last 2020 model without ARM
4 TB 3 connectors
Intel i5
16 GB Ram

Since I use the Mac mainly for work but still like to play games from time to time, what would be the best solution.

I have see some success example with other Mac devices with win 2004, but I 'm not sure whether it work for my devices.

Could you kindly give me some advices about how to set up the egpu with the windows vision later than 1903? 

Thanks for your help!

MacBook Pro 13" 2020 + Win 10 1803 + 5700XT egpu

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I have the same MacBook and almost the same GPU (5600 XT) and have had good luck with Windows 10 20H2.

All I do, is set up bootcamp install of Windows 10, then download everything I need. This includes Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) as well as the AMD graphics drivers I need.

Once your Windows install is up and running, just use DDU to uninstall the Intel graphics drivers, and restart. When you're up and running again, plug in the eGPU, then install the AMD graphics drivers. Should work from there. Hope this helps.

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