macmini 2018 egpu bootcamp error 12 simple fix.
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macmini 2018 egpu bootcamp error 12 simple fix.  


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So I have been trying for 2 days to get my egpu to work on bootcamp. Searched all over the net no answer.

Solved it, for some reason I need to have a second monitor connected to the macmini hdmi port at the same time as the egpu. Don´t need the efi boot crap or anything. Just works. Don´t need it in MacOs though.

Anyway hopes this help if some have the same problem.

macmini 2018, egpu razer core, amd r 5700 xt

I use windows 1809 and use windows update but do not install 1909 vers as this will break the egpu.

After I installed and updated windows I turn on the egpu let windows install drivers and then install the amd drivers and restart. First reboot always fails, reboot again and it works.

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Yes, I’ve been doing this with an adapter going to the second input (DVI) on my monitor.

A tip, if you disable FileVault it will boot first time into macOS or Windows flawlessly. Every single time.

Here’s the adapter if anyone is interested. Not cheap, but the best.


Windows 10 1809 is a requirement which unfortunately will be problematic once May comes around as Microsoft are dropping support. The Insider track of 2004 is looking promising and some are saying the error12 issue is fixed but we’ll have to wait for RTM and see.

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