MacMini 2018 + Sonnet Puck RX 560(570)
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MacMini 2018 + Sonnet Puck RX 560(570)  


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I have MM 2018 with Catalina and W10 on Bootcamp.

Recently I had an opportunity to order Sonnet Puck RX 560. Hopefully, I. Will get it after few weeks. I’d like to use it with external monitor via HDMI plugged in the eGPU.

I started to read throug all the information here and have some questions. Sorry, this all is relatively new for me.


I am a bit confused regarding the support of RX 560 in Catalina, though.

1) Is Sonnet Puck - RX 560 natively supported in 10.15.7+?

2) When I connect my primary display via eGPU’s (HDMI or DP) in 10.15.7. - will Mac Mini be able to boot up and display apple logo / loading screen? No monitor would be connected to the internal ports of Mac Mini.

3) Can I switch to iGPU when only Thunderbolt 3 eGPU (Sonnet Puck) is connected via Thunderbolt?

4) Is it supported and working in macOS Big Sur in case I would like to upgrade the software later?


Is it possibly by any miracle working OOB with W10 2004+ (cold boot as the setup would be connected always)?


Any experience on the setup guides if there are some workarounds needed?

Alternatively, would this setup work in Parallels 16 on Catalina or Big Sur?

I would probably have no problem to start using Parallels instead of Bootcamp even if there are limitations like DX11 etc.

Anything else I should be aware of? 
I’d like to use the setup with as minimal ‘tinkering’ as possible.

Thank you!



|| Mac mini 2018, i7, 32GB || macOS 10.15.7 || Bootcamp W10 20H2 || Sonnet Puck RX 5700 eGPU ||