MacOS 10.14.6 update inactivates rEFInd

MacOS 10.14.6 update inactivates rEFInd  


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Not sure whether this fits here, but just a heads up:

On updating to the latest OS update the boot loader was gone, so I had to reinstall:

back to the guide, then the webpage (a bit dense), then download the latest installer.

Reboot in recovery mode, deactivate SIP (system integrity protection):

terminal: type

csrutil disable

reboot in normal mode, open terminal, drag the file 'refind install' into the terminal window, press enter, enter system password

after installation is done, type:

sudo /usr/bin/csrutil enable

reboot to re-enable SIP, and hopefully to see the boot loader reappear.


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This is normal behavior. Following a system update, macOS blesses the system partition as default boot volume. If you have not tried automate-eGPU EFI, give it a shot. I like it better as an EFI Boot loader.

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