MBP 15 2016 with External drive Windows 10 + Akitio Node + 1070
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MBP 15 2016 with External drive Windows 10 + Akitio Node + 1070  


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I am having problem getting Akitio Node to work under Windows 10.

I am running Windows 10 from external SSD drive (Akitio Neutrino USB 3.1 gen 2).  I do not have any Boot Camp partition on MBP (it is OEM macOS partition layout).  I am not using any boot-manager or boot-loader.  Windows 10 was installed using natively without Boot Camp.  All Boot Camp drivers are updated subsequently.

I can boot into macOS with older Maxwell card (not 1070) after eGPU.sh.

I have tried apple_set_os.efi, reallocating TB PCIe bridges with Akitio connecting to all 4 different ports, and DSDT override with test signing mode with/without bcdedit forcediable.  Despite different methods, error 12 persists.  With DSDT override, I still have an error 12 with the "large memory" area present.

I still haven't tried dsdt-modified.aml with Clover yet.  I am not clear how this will work with Windows 10 on external drive.  It is my understanding that this method will modify EFI volume on external drive, but not touch EFI volume on MBP.  Correct?  After reading cautions from @nando4 and @Goalque, I am a bit gun shy about this one.

Should I try the VGA Enable bit first?

Thank you very much for your time and input.


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Perhans you can give more details like how did you make Windows boot from your external ssd? What errors do you get,? Perhabs forst of in Windows to device manager, show hidden devices and remove all previous installed 1070. Because Every time in another port iT Will think iT is another graphical card. Disable the internal amd and reboot. Then plug in your enclosure and install again your 1070.

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