mbp 15" late 2016 bootcamp sonnet550w EVGA1080ti System crash and restart.
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mbp 15" late 2016 bootcamp sonnet550w EVGA1080ti System crash and restart.  


Antonio Farias
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Hello masters of eGPU,

My first post, so let me thank you for the amazing community you have here, it has helped me for years now. Thank you so much.

My system ran perfectly for an year now, but recently, in a increasing rate --so much it's now almost 100% of the time--, it started to freeze in about 4 minutes when playing any games, or anything graphically demanding. If only the external screen is on, the system just reboots after a few seconds. No error message, no nothing.

I used to have only the external display on. But when testing this crash with the laptop open, I noticed that while the external display would freeze I could get mostly two results with the display on the laptop:

-option a) I just get a blue screen of death: stop code VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE / what failed: nvlddmkm.sys

-option b) sometimes windows was still running in the MBP display (with no desktop image on the background, but not frozen). I checked device manager or DXDIAG and the 1080ti was missing when before the freeze it wasn't.

Because of this second option I started guessing that the egpu is either malfunctioning or just suddenly not being recognized. Especially because those games work fine on bootcamp with no egpu(albeit in low quality and crap fps).


What should I do? I read itsage guide (External Graphics Card for MacBook Pro), but I never had error 12 (nor do I know what it looks like). I don't think i have disabled any PCIe controllers, since my setup was working fine... Should I?

Maybe this is a hardware thing? Maybe the 1080ti or the sonnet egfx box. Idk. Is there anything I should do that could help? 


Thank you,

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To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.


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This sounds like a hardware issue to me because your MacBook Pro could detect the eGPU fine. First recommendation I have is to open the Sonnet Breakaway up and check all connections to GTX 1080 Ti. You can remove then reseat the graphics card too. While the GPU is out, inspect the power cables on the Sonnet mainboard to make sure everything is secure.

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