MBP 2018 13" + Razer Core X Chroma + Windows 10 2004 detection issues
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[Solved] MBP 2018 13" + Razer Core X Chroma + Windows 10 2004 detection issues  


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Hello Internet,

after a fresh Bootcamp install of Win10 2004, I hotplugged my Razer Core X Chroma and voila, everything works.

Then Windows had the ingenious idea of installing drivers. Now only charging works. When booting with the eGPU connected, I get Error 12. When hotplugging the Core X Chroma, I get a short freeze, the device connected beeps from Windows (several times), and then the MBP is charging.

I did the DDU thing, manually updated Intel IGPU drivers, manually installed nVidia drivers and am just frustrated.

The thing is: My 1080 ti gets detected just fine by devmgmt ("working fine") AND the nVidia driver utilities. I just cannot get the networking, USB or video to work via the eGPU.

Any pointers as to where to begin are much appreciated! It seems to not be a hardware problem, so something something Windows Update broke everything.


UPDATE: I'm just stoopid. Had to install Updates via Apple Software Update as well. Hotplugging works like a charm now!

UPDATE2: Nevermind, reboot broke everything. No more updates anywhere, same situation as above.

UPDATE3: It seems that plugging in the eGPU while Windows is booting (Windows logo and dotted circle loading thingy) is working. Any ideas why?




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Macbook Pro 13 2018 TB, Razer Core X Chroma, GTX 1080 ti. If it works, otherwise no eGPU for me...

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