Memory Allocation for 2 TB3 MacBook Pro?
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Memory Allocation for 2 TB3 MacBook Pro?  


Erik Regalado
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I just got my nvidia graphics card to work! Sadly for me it wasn’t as easy as plug n play, but for now it’s working fine. The only problem I have is trying to connect anything else to the machine.

when i plug in my dongle, so that I can connect my external drive, keyboard and mouse, the external display i have goes black, and I have to restart my computer.

If i connect the gpu without a monitor, and then connect the dongle, it doesn’t go black, but it never shows up on device manager.

this makes me assume that there’s not enough resources going into the 2nd port, and I’m not sure how to fix this.

most of what I read says that my model MacBook, the one with only two TB3, can allocate easily, and no one really gives a guide if it doesn’t, can someone help?


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@erik_regalado, Run DDU to remove the Nvidia drivers which also disassociates PCI Express connection to the Thunderbolt 3 device. Boot into Windows with your external drive, keyboard and mouse to one USB-C port. Let Windows recognize and install drivers for them. Once this is done, you can hot-plug the eGPU then start installing the graphics drivers for it. If there's system freeze/BSOD, keep trying different connection arrangement and see what works.


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