New needs for Sonnet Breakaway 350W w/ bootcamp
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New needs for Sonnet Breakaway 350W w/ bootcamp  


Stephen Raven
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I bought a 2nd hand breakaway 350W with an RX580, I have looked at the various builds and I have seen the 500W models use Nvidia. But specifically only on desktop builds only. 

Is there any way that if I upgrade the box to 500W, I will be able to run an Nvidia Gfx card under windows 11 + Bootcamp?

I know the needs and options vary greatly and the likelihood is I would need a whole new system/Gamer Box, I am hopeful I can cut a corner somewhere with some help. 


My next question is if there's anything with around 2000/2000+ Cuda Cores that will work? 

Many Thanks

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@stephen_raven, The 350w PSU is fine for now. Save your money for an RTX 3060 on Newegg Shuffle. 


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