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Nvidia + Bootcamp issue  


Ali Pashang
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Hi! So I just got a 2060 Super but I'm having issues on Bootcamp installed on external thunderbolt drive. I hotplugged the egpu (Razer Core) after login, windows recognized it with no errors and I got Nvidia graphics installed. But when I plug in the gpu, my mouse and keyboard (USB) stop working for a couple of seconds, and the gpu fans also stop. I get no output from the gpu (HDMI). What could be the issue? Rainbow six or GTA V don't recognize the gpu either.

Device Manager

Edit: I plugged in the power cables like THIS, is this the right way? (one 2-pin connector is left out)

Edit 2: I plugged the gpu with another TB3 cable (also active) but the white lights on the gpu start blinking meaning power is not stable. Techpowerupit's suggested PSU is 450 watt while Razer core is 500 watt...


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