Nvidia RTX 2080Ti Bootcamp with 2018 Macbook Pro 15" no longer booting
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Nvidia RTX 2080Ti Bootcamp with 2018 Macbook Pro 15" no longer booting  


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Hey guys, 


I've been booting up with the Razer Core V2 and Nvidia RTX card pretty much plug and play with no issues at all. I could shut down / restart my computer with everything plugged in and it all worked.

I did some updates to Windows 10 1909 the other day and after that it stopped being able to boot or restart without having the unplug the egpu. I had to plug in when the windows logo with spinning dots showed up. I uninstalled the updates but nothings changing.

I also plugged in a thunderbolt hub and my computer crashed and that's when I realized I couldn't boot anymore when the egpu was plugged in. Now everytime I plug in my thunderbolt hub after im logged in and in my desktop it crashes. I also noticed today with my monitor lid shut that it was running off the amd card in my laptop but a restart fixed that. 

Whats going on here? Everything was working fine yesterday. 





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@jack_li, It's likely a firmware compatibility issue between the Mac and RTX card. I have personally experienced this issue on multiple Macs and PCs. Unfortunately the only way to work around it is to hot-plug as you found.


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