Only Windows logo on Laptop Screen
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[Solved] Only Windows logo on Laptop Screen  


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Hey, so i just got my Razer Core X with a Radeon RX 580 yesterday an i am trying to set everything up in Windows now. 

I have a MacBook Pro 13" 2019 with Bootcamp Windows build 1909 installed on it.

Now in MacOS everything works perfectly without issue but in Windows i do have a little problem:

I have installed all the AMD drivers and can get it to Work on my 2 Screens plugged in the eGPU. My Problem now is that on my MacBook i only see the Windows Logo and nothing else.

Windows does recognize the Macbook screen and i can see it in the settings but cant get it to show anything else than the Logo.

Ideally i would like to just close the Laptop like in MacOS but that just turns it Off in Windows apparently.

Is there a way to fix both these issues maybe ? at least the one with only the Logo on the Laptop screen ?

Thanks in advance guys !

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Welcome aboard buddy. This is a well known and document issue, the internal screen is attached to the igpu which gets deactivated when booting with the eGPU plugged in. There are prob a few methods round this, have a hunt for similar builds. Off the top of my head you could change display settings within windows system option to not display on you’re internal and in power to do nothing when the lid is closed....

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