[Partial Success] 13" 2018 MBP TB / Razer Core X Chroma / 5700XT
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[Partial Success] 13" 2018 MBP TB / Razer Core X Chroma / 5700XT  


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After almost a day playing around with this (and lots of help from reading the very useful threads on here) I appear to have finally got this to work. My sole motivation for this is to be able to play the new MS Flight Simulator on an external monitor without having to buy a gaming PC (I'm not really a gamer and this is the single application I intend to use the eGPU for.)

  1. Installed Bootcamp on a 50GB partition with the latest Windows 10 ISO image;
  2. Enrolled in MS Insider program, installed build 20195.rs_prerelease.200731-1415;
  3. Downloaded latest AMD driver package;
  4. Used DDU to remove graphics drivers (except Intel). Restarted. Ran DDU again. Restarted.
  5. Connected 5700 XT through DisplayPort to 4K external monitor;
  6. Connected Razer Core X Chroma to top LHS ThunderBolt 3 port;
  7. Ran AMD driver executable which seemed successful but ended with an "oops" error. Looked in Device Manager which showed Error 12;
  8. Restarted MBP with Core X still plugged in and turned on. Voilà - 4K monitor springs into life, but MBP's display shows the blue Windows logo - static yet occasionally flickering.

I'm now waiting for Steam to install some games on a Samsung T5 TB3 500GB SSD connected to a TB port on the RHS so I can try it out under load. The MBP's screen continues to display the blue flickering Windows logo, but this really doesn't bother me if it is the only bug. Now that it appears to be up and running I am loathe to restart the system to try and replicate this (apparent) success. Is there anything I can or should do now ensure this result is replicable?


13" MacBook Pro 2018 TouchBar 2.3GHz i5-8259U @ 2.30 GHz

AMD Radeon 5700 XT

Razer Core X Chroma

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