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Razer Core X PSU problems  


Johan Granström
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I was playing Sniper Elite 4 with my Macbook Pro 16 in Bootcamp with Windows 10 64-bit Pro and the Razer Core X EGPU with a Gigabyte RTX 2060 8 GB. I have played several games for a few months with this setup and it has worked great and yesterday it just died.

First i thought my GPU died but I tried it in another computer and it seems to be ok. I'm gessing the PSU on the unit is broken. I have tried everything I can think of. Different USB-C cable connected between the EGPU and the Macbook Pro 16, different cable to the PSU. It is just dead, no fans or no sound when I press On Razer Core X.

The GPU is fine, tried it another computer.

It seems like the PSU in the EGPU is dead. The 12V 8-connector pin that goes from the PSU that goes into the motherboard or what it is not delivering power.

I took a video of the problem

Razer wants me to pay for shipping and repairs since I bought it second hand. But that would expensive I guess. What do you think guys. Can i just buy a new PSU and replace it?


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Razer Core X can be easily modded with an aftermarket PSU, see discussion:
Replacement PSU Razer Core X

It has to be noted that none of those alternatives are a perfect fit: they need to be strapped with velcro/adhesive tape, they don't perfectly match the hole at the back for the IEC connector (except maybe the SF750), and so on.
But since so many people have modded their Core X, it isn't hard to come by the leftover original Razer PSUs:
[EU/GE] Razer Core X - Original PSU

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