RTX 2070 - Razer core x -MacBook Pro 2020, cant get pcie 16x performance
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RTX 2070 - Razer core x -MacBook Pro 2020, cant get pcie 16x performance  


Aaron Tails Preciado
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I have tried everything on this site that I could find to try to get the core performing as best as possible. I tried running apple set is.efi and although I see all 3 in the windows device manager in boot camp, the internal amd 5300 m is always attached to the pci x16 and the Nvidia only gets attached to the x8. Is there any way around this, even if I have to use an external monitor instead of the Mac laptop monitor.  I just want as much performance as possible and that seems like a bottleneck.  If it’s not possible, or if it won’t make the card perform better, someone please let me know. It’s driving me up the wall...

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@aaron_tails_preciado, Thunderbolt 3 eGPU is a x4 PCIe connection. There's no way around it.


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