Starting to lose it - MacMini/RX580/Akitio Node 3
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Starting to lose it - MacMini/RX580/Akitio Node 3  


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Hi All,

I have a 2018 MacMini (i7 model) running off an Akitio Node 3 with a Radeio Rx580 installed. The Node 3 is connected to my Mac Mini via Thunderbolt 3 and my monitor (Samsung 32") connected to the Rx580 via HDMI. Everything runs fine under macOS with the exception that the monitor does not show the Apple boot logo and remains blank until the login screen shows. I have installed Windows 10 on an internal Bootcamp partition of my MacMini. My issue is that when I hold down option, I cannot see the selection to boot MacOS or Windows because nothing shows on my external monitor. Is there a way to ensure my monitor connects immediately on Mac booting so I can see my options?

I'm losing it over this problem as just can't seem to fault find and 9 times out of 10 it will just boot back into MacOS rather than Windows.

Help appreciated.



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@macsonny I think no boot screen is a known issue with eGPUs (I may be wrong). 

Just a guess but there may be a couple of things to try. 

1. Try selecting startup disc in system pref (as windows)
2. Boot. Wait for a bit. Blind select windows instal by pressing the right arrow key. 

Don’t try both.

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Instead of using the hold down option key at boot method, I use the system preferences > startup disk option in MacOS to boot to windows, and in windows I right click the bootcamp icon in the notification area and choose to boot to MacOS.

You won’t get boot screen showing with an egpu.

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