Stutters & Lags with MBP 16" + Mantiz Saturn Pro (RTX 3070)
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Stutters & Lags with MBP 16" + Mantiz Saturn Pro (RTX 3070)  


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Hi guys,

Using a MacBook Pro 16" with an I9 9980hk and I tried to make it work with an Asus RTX 3070 (in a Mantiz Saturn Pro enclosure). I'm mostly using the MacBook with bootcamp. 


I installed the rtx 3070 drivers (without uninstalling the Adrenalin AMD drivers from


It's my day 2 of trying to set everything up and things seemed to work well day 1 but now, I appear to have stutters in fairly low demanding games (Rocket League / LOL).

League of Legends having the worst stutters and fps drops. It can't stay above 90-100 fps and keeps stuttering. I also tried Warzone and I averaged 60fps at 5120x1440 ultrawide but had drops to 20 fps which is odd. Rocket League seems to work rather well except showing abnormal lags in the game menu. 200fps (2560*1440) in game, probably tb3 bottlenecked since none of my gpu or CPU cores are at 100%. 


Made sure my cpu wasn't bottlenecking. Tried to disable the amd dgpu, doesn't change anything. Tried full screen or windowed, didn't work. 


Are the amd drivers the issue? Or should I try undervolting the 3070 maybe? Also read something about the pch that may cause drops when overheating but I doubt it since my games aren't too demanding? (except cod).


I honestly have no idea what to do.


Also, do you guys have tips on how to boot everything in a smooth manner if that makes sense. Using my MacBook pro in clamshell mode mostly.

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@jidey247, If you're connecting the RTX 3070 eGPU to an external monitor, you can try disable the internal display in Windows graphics settings. That way monitor output is only through the ultrawide monitor through eGPU.


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